I lie there in the corner unbothered untouched

Waiting to be opened and explored

Now you decide to open it

Making me excited at the thought of it

Finally i find my place in your hands

But never imagined to be treated like this

You need to learn to turn the pages gently

And treat me with great care

After so many years

I find all the pages apart from each other

I had warned you before

On how i should i be maintained

I wish you had listened to me

Atleast once.


6 thoughts on “Book

  1. Aah this was very nice. Love metaphorical poems. Good job. Also good luck with the blog. Lovely template. Mystique that mystique you 🙂

    1. Thank u soo much girl. Truly im suprised with myself for having written it 😉 lets see if i can come up with anything more 🙂 Thanks !

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