October 7th

This date always held a great significance to me. It does now too but its not really an important day for me now.

There is this girl Natasha whose birthday happens to fall on this day.

Natasha and me were best  friends in school. We were together since kindergarten. I still remember going for her birthday parties. Her mom is such a sweet lady. She used to pick me up from my house for the party and also drop me back. The party wouldn’t even start if i wasn’t there. She would not let even a game to be played if i wasn’t around. I was like part of her family. Even her uncles and aunts knew me.

In 6th standard she chose a different subject and hence her class got changed. We still used to make it a point to meet during the 15-min break time we got. Slowly she started making new friends. She would be busy anytime i would go to her class.

Eventually it so happened that for years she never called me for her birthday parties also.

We were in the same school till 12th. Then in 12th we happened to join the same tutions for Maths. So we used to meet quite often then. But the closeness was clearly not there. Then it was her big day again that year. Suprisingly she invited me. Yes, it was quite a suprise for me.

I had always considered her special and still did so i did go for the party. But, sigh. I felt akward and alone. I am the person who can mix up with people really well. But when you clearly see that you are being left out one can’t really do anything about it,yeah ! She had found new friends probably who were more fun than me.

And yes money was the factor somewhere which affected this friendship too..

Yesterday was her day yet again. I sent across my wishes. In the the evening i was in a mall and happened to meet her aunt. It was after years we met. She did recognise me. it was nice to meet her and also i got to know about Natasha too. Felt really good.

Now i do get to know what is going on to the extent of Facebook updates. But i guess some people can be too busy to get in touch with their ‘old’ friends. SO busy that a message or a post goes easily ignored.

Anyways, i wish the best for her and may she get what she wants 🙂





4 thoughts on “October 7th

  1. i can perfectly relate to your blog post .this day has been important for me too , birthday of my ex falls today . sometime relationship takes a different turn, that we couldn’t had imagined , specially the ones in teenage years , those relationships are lost in the sands of time .people change and yes we are among them too .

    1. I agree with you. You are talking about 8th, yeah !
      We need to move on in life, thats it.
      And comments are welcome but not like the one you posted before this.

  2. I think most of your readers will connect to this post. This happens to all of us. None of our friends are for life and this is a sad truth. Having said that I also maintain that it is very important to have that one 3am friend. You too will (or already have?!) find one.

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