The love for God

The peace within

The music

The rhythm

The claps

The dholaks  

Bhajans are a medium of talking to God. Its like calling to God with your love for him. It surely has to come from within. Even if its you not who has initited the bhajan from the start, you can always make it more lively by joining in by singing. Also by putting your hands together and going along with the rhythm of the bhajan does wonders. The dholaks would add a charm to that heavenly atmosphere.

I would say bhajan is a form of prayer, just in a rhythmic tone. Ever just given a read to the lines of any bhajan ? You will find a prayer. God listens to his followers. This will be a pleasant way to express your love to him. At times quite possibly you may not have concentrated on what you sing but then that prayer is heard by God.

While singing any bhajan its not the voice that counts, its the thought. We are all children of God afterall. While sitting for a bhajan be sure you surrender yourself to the God. It is then it can be enjoyed only. Have him in your mind and see how you enjoy every bit of it. Sing it for the one who showers innumerable blessings on you every moment.

We people have become so busy in our wordly matters that we have no time for God. But singing a bhajan within our heart also if not loudly is a great way to thank the Lord.

In my Guruji’s words ” Bhajan ( to sing the Lord’s glory ) &  Simran ( To chant his name always )  is the most ideal way to achieve God in this kalyug “. Follow these practices and see the difference in your life.

But yes, don’t fret if you don’t know any bhajans. You can always find out many on Google itself. The best way to start would be to choose a bhajan written on your favorite God. This will motivate you better. Never the less i would list out few bhajans for you.

They are :

Janam Janam ka Saath Hai

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2

Mere sir par rakh do Baba, mere sir par rakh do Baba, apne ye dono haath !! 2

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2


Jhulas rahe hai hum bhi dhup me, pyar ki chhaiya kar de tu !! 2

Bin pani ke naav chale na, abh patvar pakad le tu !! 2

Mera rasta roshan kar de, hai andhihari raat !! 2

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2


Ees janam me seva de kar, bahut bada aehsan kiya !! 2

Tu hi hamara rakhwala hai, humne tujhe pehchan liya !! 2

Janam janam tak saath rahoghe, rakh lo ye meri baat !! 2

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2


Suna hai humne Sharnagat ko apne gale lagate ho !! 2

Aisa humne kya maanga jo dene me hichkaate ho !! 2

Hum ko chhahe jaise rakhna, hoti rahe mulakaat !! 2

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2

Mere sir par rakh do Baba, mere sir par rakh do Baba, apne ye dono haath

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2


Janam Janam ka saath hai tumahra hamara, tumahra hamara !! 2

Karenghe seva har jeevan me pakdo haath hamara !! 2

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2

Mere sir par rakh do Baba, mere sir par rakh do Baba, apne ye dono haath

Dena ho to dijiye janam janam ka saath !! 2

You can get some from the following link also :

Also i would really like you all to click on the link below to hear a bhajan which to me is just so wonderful. This girl has a real amazing voice. Enough said. Go listen 🙂

Some more for you :

Have a good day !


12 thoughts on “Bhajans

  1. Lovely post. And thank you for linking this post to Sur Ki Gati.

    I sing and hear bhajans quite often. They give me clear direction and sort my mind. I always say that I am spiritual but not religious. I don’t preach or follow any religion like a fanatic. Bhajans are a medium for me that help me connect with my inner self.

    Once again lovely post and I am realyl proud to see you write this.

    Do hear this as well,

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂
      Yes i heard the link you posted 🙂 Its amazing ! keep adding them if you come across more 🙂
      Did you hear the youtube link i posted ?

      1. Can you please give me the english meaning to the words of this bhajan: deno hai to dijiya janam janam ka saath. I’m only really getting into bhajans and this has become one of my favourites. Thank you.

      2. Hey Kajal,

        It is so wonderful to know you are getting into bhajans. They bring in a sense of peace within.

        Dena hai to dijiya janam janam ka saath literally means
        ~ If you want to give me anything, be with me during every birth I take. ~

        Would you like me to translate any more of it for you?

        Which other ones are your favorites?

        Also, thank you so much for stopping by the blog, much appreciated 🙂

      3. Hi, yes please if you could translate the whole bhajan for me please, it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your kindness.

      4. My other favourite bhajan is O Palan Hare. It has a very personal meaning to me and really gets me in the heart. No songs other than Bhajans can really identify why we as Hindus are here residing on earth.

  2. I can feel it coming straight from your heart, drenched in experience rather than intellect.
    Bhajan, kirtan, naam smaran or jap sprout from the rich tradition of Bhakti Yog in India, but they aren’t restricted to India alone. One can find its equivalent in Sufi songs and Hymns etc virtually in every part of the world.
    Bhakti Yog is said to be the simplest way to realisation as opposed to Sankhya, Karma or Hatha Yog which involve doing something. Here the seeker simply surrenders, drops all ego and becomes one with the all-encompassing.
    If you are experiencing; loosing yourself completely in the song of the divine you indeed are on the right path. May blessings be showered on you…

    1. I am sure u can know say about this topic better than me 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment. Having you said this i am sure i have a lot to learn from you !

  3. I guess it’s the other way round and that’s exactly what i wanted to point out to you. What i have written comes from the intellect, and not from personal experience. What you have written comes from your drowning in the ‘bhajan’ experience and flowing with it. Your’s words are far more valuable here than mine… thanks for your compliments though…and we all learn from each other all the time..

  4. good to see a post on bhajans…as u rightly said we people are so busy now a days that we don’t have time for these. liked several observation of yours. yes dholak actually adds to the mood of bhajans. and its not the voice that counts, its the thought. nice read 🙂


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