Girls are difficult to understand, really ?

Guys, how really do you judge a girl ? It’s usually by looks. Isn’t it? Come on. Now don’t deny that fact.Now all have different choices so let’s not get into details.

So yes first it’s looks and then you go on to talk and get to know each other. You may or may not go into the past. You are happy and enjoying your present.

So what If you come across your partners past. Something even if your partner explains, you don’t want to understand and you choose to walk away. I would like to ask why. Didn’t you ever find your partners love true to you ? Did you find your partner as his/her past defines them ? So why do you let that past affect your present ?

I well if that past bothers you so much then the truth is the trust was never there. If it was such things wouldn’t have mattered to you. Its the truth, believe it or not.


2 thoughts on “Girls are difficult to understand, really ?

  1. I don’t think it is all about looks or the past. It is like a cd. You like the band, it has a great cover, so you start listening to the songs. The first two songs are nice, but the rest of them are not – you lose interest and dont listen to it anymore and move to the next cd. But if all the songs are nice, you will keep going back to that cd again and again.

    The past does matter, but i think it is important for people to go slow when knowing each others past so as to keep each other interested. There should always be an element of surprise or that feeling you get that makes you go.. whoa i dint know this about you.

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