I remembered someone today
A stranger
Yes, a stranger
I am used to talking to strangers. i met this one for a short while. Few months passed by and I had a friend request on my Facebook. It was him. A few friends had added him and hence he discovered me. I was reluctant to add him when he told me to do so when we met but I accepted the request anyway. He was a sweet guy. He told us a lot about the place where we were going. We had indeed spoken a lot then but I never expected him to find me. We chatted on and off. We just discussed about college and his work.
One day, he proposed me. This was out of the blue. I hadn’t seen it coming. I didn’t take it seriously. I ignored it as I used to do with such proposals.  But he was serious. Very serious. I didn’t understand how. We had met just once and hardly spoke after that and then he says he is in love. I explained to him it was not possible. He didn’t want to hear. I started replying to his messages in anger. The love messages increased day by day and so did my anger. He wasn’t one of the college going guys who didn’t have the brains to think. He was older to me, working and surely quiet mature. I was really rude to him. I was tired. I deleted him from facebook, messengers and all the conversations we had had.
Today, after around six months I remembered him. He suddenly came in my head. Maybe idleness did this to me, I don’t know. I sat back and thought about how rude I was to him, the way I spoke and behaved. I frantically searched facebook for him. After a while I found him. He had changed his name. His updates didn’t seem of recent.
I realise people go crazy in love and so was he. I luckily still had a few message of his here and there and hence was able to track him.
He must be in some ship now in the middle of the sea.
All i can say is i am sorry. Hope u understand

4 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. I used to never interact or talk with strangers sometime back.
    Then I had such a similar story. It was shocking and pleasing both at the same time.
    Was not able to know how to react to the situation at hand.
    But i am sure it taught me that not all strangers are bad.
    Now i am more open to meeting new people who i never know would be so much fun!
    Super post.
    Made me remind of all those moments. 🙂

  2. Hey girl,
    We all come into this world without knowing anyone except our mother. Then we get told not to talk to any strangers. Now, we’re mature enough to differentiate between good and bad people around us.

    Lovely post. You write with such simplicity. Really cuteness overload.
    Keep writing. Mwaaahh.

    Ps. I am sure he’ll understand 🙂

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