Satyameva Jayate – My views

Back from office and getting to watch TV. It’s been very long since i got to do so. I was actually bored of watching TV but now I can’t afford to switch on my laptop after watching the laptop screen blankly at office for 9 hours.

Coming to the point. I saw that the new TV show ‘Satyameva Jayate” was coming up. I had seen many tweets about it when it initially started (Read: Seen not read). Found it really irritating because somewhere i felt its because of the famous Bollywood actor Aamir Khan that the show was so talked about. I didn’t know why was it such a big deal. If i am right it is telecasted on Sunday morning or so and the first thing in the morning especially due to time difference i had to read tweets of that show. I refused to watch it before today.

The topic was on love marriages and around that. Quite ironical to my life. Nothing that I was against it just that i could never fit it in my life. I liked how it started with people sharing some of its gruelling experiences and interviews with some personalities. I was quite touched by the true life instances shared by people. India has gone so much ahead but they are still some people/societies, who refuse to broaden their thoughts and lifestyle. Killing the guy just because the girl ran away with him is so immature. There are other ways to talk it out. Its painful to go through the torchers and even more painful for the family to see their son tortured right in front of them. Also there was a khaap interviewed. Popularly known as a panchayat i would say, correct me if i am wrong. A very interesting fact was highlighted that they take decisions just to maintain the culture of India. They are not a part of the judiciary nor do they have any right as per the Indian Law but seeing the western culture they feel they should take certain decisions as they don’t find the Indian Government too helpful. I am so not supportive of that nor was Aamir Khan. This is where the dent comes to our society where everyone decides to take things in their hand rather than leaving it to the Government. If they aren’t given a chance, how do they prove themselves? We have a long way to go where our society is concerned but I am sure sometime will grow up.

Thanks to my twitteratis who somewhere made me watch this show. I just hope this TV show becomes a platform for a better India.


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