A walk home

It was 6. Time to go home. She picked up her purse and mobile and left. Today she had to go by the metro. The station was a 7 minute walk from the office building. So she pulled out her headphones, plugged them in her IPhone and headed.

Post 6 was a crazy time. The trains are jam packed and no you can’t even hang by the door. She stood next to the entrance of the ladies compartment. She knew the ladies never push in. She let go by the first one, moved further down in the alley and managed to get in the next one.

On reaching she looked for the washroom at the station. Her hair needed to be proper before she stepped out.

All set, she walked towards the exit. She was stopped midway by a policeman and was asked to come aside for questioning. She wondered.

She was unknowingly following a stranger.



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