I am no movie reviewer. Just thought of giving a disclaimer. And no this post is not all about the movie.

Our life is a cocktail. I am sure everyone can relate to this movie to some extent.

A twitterati had once mentioned to me that there is nothing such as randomness. Its all derived. Something so true and something so hard to accept, for me especially. Yes what we say, think, do, write all comes from some experience. Not all like to confess.

Movies in the same way are not just a script. Something somewhere is a part of reality. Even Cocktail was. The freedom of staying alone, going clubbing, enjoying life, all of that.

One thing i really liked in the movie was when Gautam praises Meera about her looks, smile, nature and all of that. Breakups, rejections and failures makes a person feel dejected. They think they are not worthy and its something so true. Meera felt the same. Having realized that is not the case she was able to open up and enjoy her life. We all need that little push in our lives sometimes.

Regarding the movie, having seen the trailers and hearing the songs, i had some mental image of the movie. It didn’t turn out to be all that way but wont say i was disappointed. The song Second hand jawaani was placed as i guessed. The video of the song was a give away.

I totally loved Meera and Veronica’s wardrobe in this movie. Fresh choice. Something so different and trendy.

The songs and their clothes made up for the story line. And the audience left the hall with a little more expectation from the movie.

I mentally wrote this post while watching the movie. The movie wasn’t boring but just thoughts flooded.

P. s :- That is my favorite step for now. So don’t be surprised to see me doing it 😀



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