Talk with the stranger

I have tweeted about this guy a few times. He works in the same office building where I work. Every time I spot him I get a huge smile on my face. I usually see him in the lift mostly while going back home. He is cute and oh yes handsome. He is sweet enough to give me a smile when he spots me, so much so that once the lift door hit him because he tried to turn back and smile.
Today was no different. He was again in the lift with me. Only this time, I initiated a conversation as we stepped out of the lift. Just the usual hi hello. He seemed a little nervous if that’s the right word. We asked each other about our profession and he jokingly asked if I audit people 😉
There is just something different about this day as I said in my earlier post.
I am quite good at making conversation at least when it is for the start and I wouldn’t bother there after mostly. He had this accent, which came as a surprise to me, don’t know if I like it or no. But to keep it to a smile seems good. We didn’t even ask each other’s name.
But then, he is just another stranger I spoke to, just that he is cute.


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