29th Floor

As a kid, Thursday nights called for long drives. We usually used to hit the Sheikh Zayed road. Till where my memory takes me, I remember Sheikh Zayed Road only till Shangri-la Hotel. The reasons being – one that one of my favorite teacher used to stay close to that hotel and the other is that I knew a classmate too who used to stay somewhere close around that place and used to travel by Bus no. 1 (Such a cool No. na ? -My thoughts that time). I used to wonder how nice would it feel to stay in such tall buildings, while I used to go back home around the Bur Dubai/ Karama area, where at least at that time one didn’t find such tall towers.

Today I stand on the 29th floor of a building. It is where I work; it’s where I spend the most active hours of my day. The first time I had to come to this place for my interview, I couldn’t get a glimpse at the view but the thought that I would be working here fascinated me enough.


We have these full length windows in our office and also there is a balcony where I just go at times and stand. Enjoy the view, enjoy the wind blowing, taking it all in. Today when I stood there, these childhood thoughts hit me. Made me believe that when you wish for something, somewhere, somehow they do come true.

The view from here is so mesmerizing. The two tall ‘Emirates Towers’ stand in front of me. I can see almost all the Metro stations from Karama to Sheikh Zayed Road. I can see the ‘once tallest’ building of Dubai, the World Trade Centre. I can also spot the Hotel which stands in front of my residence, which tells me that we are right here. So close yet so far. There are in numerous towers on this road now and I honestly don’t even know their names. Out of all of them I do miss seeing Burj Khalifa, which gets hidden behind the towers. But then, you never know 🙂



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