This hashtag is going gaga over my TL since a few weeks now. There is also a @MumbaiSanta account. What is all this?

I had seen this account earlier during this year. Unfortunately Christmas and all that jazz was over and so the activities of this account. I wasn’t much active on twitter then. Had gone through the favorites and their blog and got an idea on what was the account’s initiative.

Thanks to my Goldfish memory I had forgotten about this after that.

Christmas to me is going to the malls and seeing the decorations put up. As a kid we used to go and meet the Santa also. Now we just see the decorations, click photos and Instagram it.

While preparing for an exam, I got a mail one day giving me the link to the Secret Santa form. After last year where few Santee’s had not received their gifts, there was a vouching system introduced this year just to keep the bots away.

Also some e-commerce firms volunteered to provide discounts in the spirit of Christmas

After I sent my gift across to my Santee, which required a lot of stalking, research and thought, I went ahead with playing the role of an Elf. I am sure many of you took me as a troll but I was just doing my job. It all started due to some other reason but then being an Elf for the season wasn’t a role that I minded.

Do you want to know what each one got and the reactions? Just wait for my next post coming up soon 🙂


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