Gifts for the season – 1

Well since not everyone is fond of going through the Favorites and Timelines and exploring this widely spread twitter, I thought of compiling a list of all the gifts received from Santa during this festive season.

@MumbaiSanta  headed by @TheGoodJew has taken an amazing effort to start this beautiful concept of spreading joy.

Below I have listed, in sequence from the earliest gift receiver to the last, the gifts sent out during the season. Truly depicts the love and creativity. It also gives you loads of gift ideas you could take help of.

I will be writing this post on lots so wait till yours appears and let me know what more could I add on to.

@prerna_j  was the very first one  to have received her gift to which she tweeted that she loved what she got. She felt it even more special since she was the first to get her gift. The products included Lotus kit-nail paint, lipstick, a foundation stick and a lemon butter soap, from which the soap was the loveliest addition to her collection. One Speedy Santa she got that to being a girl. You know what I mean, yeah? 😉 Later on, she also received cool earphones from her Santa and this time with a note 🙂

@TheCoffeeNazi was among the first ones to whom I had asked about his gift. Being a coffee fan as his handle suggests, he first received a coffee mug to which he said he was more than happy to get it and found it something different from his collection. He received a classy coffee pot set a few days later to add to his surprise and a virtual card thereafter. His Santa has been absolutely generous to him. I tried asking him about his reaction on receiving his bonus gift but he was eager to know about his Santa before he could say anything more about it. So let us wait till then 🙂

@salonikap  who is crazy about shoes got these lovely pair of heels and was more than happy to receive them. I liked the color and unique craftiness on the shoes though seeing the length of the heels I was wondering how does one even carry them but I am sure Salonika will do justice to them. Seeing the gift, I must say Santa really has a good choice and truly knows how to win a girl’s heart 😉

@RadhikaMohandas  was glad enough to give a jhappi to her Santa for the lovely bag sent to her. I first thought it was a small purse but only to come to know that it is a proper girl’s bag.

@panku_  was left speechless with the Metal detector robot he received which was beautifully packaged with a sweet note. It is actually a make yourself metal detector robot which calls in for some creativity and fun. Pankaj had asked for something geeky and fun and his Santa found him just the right thing and that too from Hamleys. And I thought only kids go to Hamleys 😉

@rotalks  received an assortment of goodies in the form of a Lush hamper by which she felt totally spoilt. The picture below lists all the products in the hamper. What more could a girl ask for?

@ShwetaKapur described her gift as ‘Awesomesauce pink-ass new earphones’. She was quite happy to receive these funky ear phones enough for her to overlook the fact mentioned by Santa that she has a terrible taste of music. Haha ! Her Santa truly knows her or would not have taken the risk to be hit by a girl’s heels. But then Santa was sweet to say she is awesome to avoid consequences :p

@arjun_siva was impressed by the gift chosen by Santa. It was not mentioned by him in the wish list and thinks that either the Santa had done his homework well enough to reach his Facebook page to get an idea from his cover photo or through his colleague to whom he had just happened to have mentioned. The Secret is yet safe in Santa’s stomach. Also having got this, it has sort of motivated Arjun to start writing which is much needed for him right now.

@taklooman received a classy pen from his Santa whom I guess he knows well. Santa has a great choice I must say. Also Santa felt it would brighten his Santee’s day and we hope it did.

@Highheelswaali got a shocking pink clutch filled with goodies and also a jolly little Santa along. So girly is all what I could say.

And this continues


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