No words

I like going out. Roaming around. Traveling. I’m not allowed much but I manage. I used to protest but with no luck.

I saw about the Delhi gang rape case the other day all over my twitter timeline. Being busy with work, I hardly caught a glimpse of it at that time. I was quite unaware about the details until now when I read the article. Read it on my Facebook newsfeed. Hope I have read the correct one. Because in such situations rumors spread easily. Very easily and convinently.

The incident has left me with no words. I stay in a place now which is safe to an extent. Murders, accidents, rapes, suicides. Name it and it all happens here maybe not in a high ratio but it is not splashed all over the media. Too much of media coverage for any incident is not good.

Offcourse the outrage caused is understandable. Acceptable. But not the fake stories associated with it. Get to know the truth. Stick to it. Your stories are not going to create wonders.

What surprises me is that so t such cases be happening more often and this is just one if them? You never know.

Why I really wrote this post is that I protest many a times to be let out like my brothers get to but parents never agree. And now I feel greatful. I don’t know that girl personally. But I could be in Delhi today. I could have been out today. I could have been the victim. Who knows? I just feel so thankful and grateful to my parents to have raised me in a restrictive manner.

Now I’m not saying the girl was wrong to have gone out. She wasn’t out for fun. She was out as it was part of her schedule. Correct me if I am wrong. I am just trying to correlate situations a d give my point if view.

The amount the girl is suffering is so not fair. The thought creeps me out. Sends chill down my spine.

I had read someone had tweeted that the men show no shame even being in front if the camera. I watched the movie Life of Pi today. And the only thing I can think of is what is the difference between those animals and these men?


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