Gifts for the season -2

Here comes the Second lot of gifts given out this season.

@ProbasiBong received a set of  Uttam-Suchitra movies. What really excited Anjan more than that was that his Santa had got him these movies all the way from Park Street. Park Street? What was he talking about? I had no clue. Not unless I got to read the letter Santa wrote for him and offcourse Google. Park Street is in Kolkata. Since Anjan’s Santa had a trip planned to Kolktata and was lucky to lay hands on these movies. Santa had been thoughtful enough to write a letter explaining about all this. It Just shows the effort along with the love that was put in and make Anjan love his Santa.



@doushenkaa couldn’t thank her Santa enough for the newly released book “The Casual Vacancy” her Santa had gifted her. She had been wanting to read it and couldn’t think of a more perfect gift to receive this Christmas. This was followed by an awesome lot of goodies. beautifully packed and sent in the second shipment to her.




@greenrains came home to find a beautifully packaged gift which had a sci-fi novel and being a sucker for books she felt this was a great addition to her bookshelf. Isn’t that Santa hat so cute?


@FlirtingKaapi quoted her Santa as ‘super awesome’ as Santa got her a graphic novel, Batman diary with a cute note and all of this wrapped in loads of bubble paper. By her excitement I think she valued the bubble paper the most. So what, i love them too 😉


@schmmuck  was left wondering on how his Santa knew he was a QT fan. Well Santa has his ways, my boy. He got him these lovely set of movies. There was a note by Santa indicating it was something off his wish list but what better than a surprise on Christmas 🙂


@AlishaCoelho beautifully photographed her photos and put them up. She received  horse shaped light I am guessing by the pic, a book which she clearly specified she hasn’t read (which is a good thing) and fairy lights in pink and white. All these gifts were entirely unexpected by her which also means it was out of her wish list, isn’t it? But she still seemed delighted 🙂 Also about the book, she hasn’t read books by that author but would love to give this one a read. Few days gone by and Alisha was surprised by not one but three novels from her Santa.





@dharmeshG thinks his Santa is a real Santa. Can that be true?  Is there really a Santa? Well Dharmesh was more shocked than happy to see wonderfully packed gifts on his table on Friday morning. He got a remote control helicopter, a Skipper figure from Madagascar, a Rubik’s cube and three Hex Bugs! What more could one ask for? None of them were in his wishlist but he loved them all. To this many twitteratis were left wondering if a real Santa had actually arrived. Aren’t they just wonderful? This didn’t stop. The third pic is of the gift he later received.




@cheerfulappy  was my favorite among all till now because she was so excited about the gift that when I asked her about her thoughts on the gift she took me as her Santa and it took me two tweets to explain her that I don’t want to take anyone’s credit. However, I wished I could make such goodies, her Santa made for her. So wonderfully packaged with a note on each. So touching, ain’t it? There were brownies as one item, wondering what the rest are and what the notes have to say. Enlighten us, girl 🙂


@Prachi_licious got these cute mini cupcakes from her Santa with a note which also says more gifts to come soon. Let’s see what Santa has in store for her.


@shaheenb received a poster of The Dark Knight Returns and was happy that Santa knew that she loved Batman. She got her gifts in intervals. The next was another poster and this time it was of her favorite Disney movie of all time.





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