Taking an example of a kid. Hand him a packet of chips and he may start littering around once he is bored of eating it.

Tell him once in a nice tone to stop it.

Tell him twice.

Tell him thrice.

Now you would give up and take away the packet.

The child starts crying and you would slap him to make him quite.

Tell me this is not true.

Why did you slap? Out if anger. Impatience.

But this sort of behavior till one is a kid. Not when one is mature. You go and slap them and you don’t know if you would land up in the jail right after.

Anger needs to be controlled. To be taken care of.

I get angry really too fast. Even a joke may get to me. it may bit be anger but just irritation. Joke within limits is acceptable.

I don’t say back always. I don’t see the point. To some I say. They don’t even seem to be bothered. There are some who are just carefree. Can’t do much except to accept it and move on.

Even if I say something when I am angry I will go and say sorry later. What hurts is when a deaf ear is shown to the apology. Not in a way that you need to persuade the person more but in a way where one acts as if nothing happened. They didn’t do anything nor do I. One would usually be happy about the fact and forget. But I don’t. It stays with ms. Sticks to my head.

But like after a break up friends advice to ‘move on’. Such should be done. Hopefully I should be able to move on.


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