Gifts for the season – 3

And the list continues

@nikster007 believes his Santa not only did a great job stalking him but also has a great sense of humor by gifting him a breath tester. Haha ! What a gift. Now we know how to keep safe, haan? He got an organizer in the next package from Santa.



@ktotlani being a huge fan of artists and technicians and the enormous talent they possess, loved that his gift was made by artists from rural India. Karan had asked his Santa to ‘Surprise him’ as he felt there was no thrill is knowing what you are going to get and we can see that Sana has done his homework really well and left Karan spellbound.


@DimagKaShot Now her case is rather interesting. Read on and you would know why. First, her Santa has been the sweetest of all. This Santa set up a twitter account all together called @DimagKaSanta. Haha! So apt and creative. Through this account Santa interacted with the Santee and also showed her a trailer of her gifts. What thought, what creativity, what effort. Wait there is more to it. I haven’t yet told you about the gifts. There were a awesome lot of gifts this Santa showered on her. They included neon green-antique bangle, pretty shocking pink kada, neon green earrings, hairbands, necklace, ‘hot’ skull candy ear phones. Are you looking for more after this? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to this. She was thankful to Mumbai Santa to have chosen the person for her. And I must say this Santa is wonderful and has a great choice. Also in addition there were these handwritten letters which she prefers keeping to her self although she did give us a preview of it and the handwriting is beautiful indeed:)

And there is more. Not to be surprised actually. But then Santa is full of surprises. Just when she thought her year end was ruined, Santa sent her one more bag of gifts. She got some traditional coffee(to get high, oh yeah), pretty diary & colorful pens(which girl doesn’t love them?), neon earrings and an elegant orange necklace. Yes this is an end of the awesome list of gifts she got 😉

@saucyspaghetti got a bling mug and the cutest bookmark ever(as quoted) and I so agree. Bumble Bee was left teary eyed when she saw the bookmark.



@devnidhib is in love with her gifts Santa sent her. It includes notepads and notebooks from @_YellowBuffalo and a sweet little note. Their stuff is not difficult to identify and I am pretty impressed by the wonderful doddle they have come up with on their products.


@Nocturnalled received something totally different from her wishlist but says surprises work just perfect for her. Her Santa gifted her two books, Invisible Cities (which is a travel fiction ) and Amul’s India (which talks about the successful stories about advertising by Amul). There was also a show piece with a boy and a cute dog. Riya finds this gift extremely special because these gifts talk about her passion which are Advertising and Travel. She does’t know if it was intended but just loved the gifts. I feel Santa knew just how to make her happy.


@priyankac19 got a set of festive candles, 2 novels, a Santa cap and chocolates too. Priyanka felt Santa had been really thoughtful and was touched by these gifts. 🙂



@Marwaari got a 500gb HD from his Santa. His Santa had gone way over budget but only to make his Santee really happy. he was left wondering on how Santa knew his name which hardly anyone on Twitter know. I was guessing that it was mentioned in the form but that wasn’t the case. So I guess his Santa has been quite a stalker. 😉


@thedessertwhore was quite excited to get a wallet from Santa.


@arty_heart she got the most awesome Santa who gifted her a book holder, which is a real unique and thoughtful gift and a pair of earrings from Forever New. Pranita, being a Style blogger and a book lover loved these gifts.

In addition she got her ‘original’ gift later. The Elves took up some time. This included Chocolates all the way from Kodai which I guess is in heaven since she quoted that they ‘ Taste like heaven. So so yum! ♥ ‘. See what I did there 😉 Also the book she was longing to read and the beautiful reusable gift wrapping cloth, so christmasy! ♥ She is truly a happy girl now.







2 thoughts on “Gifts for the season – 3

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post .. @Dimagkasanta is very pleased with all the kind words you wrote for me 😀

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