Gifts for the season – 4

@TheBlackCanvas_ received these amazing pair of shoes just fit for the festive season. It wasn’t something she had asked for but surely her Santa read her Twitter Bio well. Also she thinks she got the best Santa seeing the fact that the research done by Santa had been so good since the shoes fitted her perfectly well.


@peeteeonyou got a compilation of rare movie posters in one book. Cool ain’t it? P being a fan of movies and these being retro posters simply loved it.


@panktimehta found the notebook with muddled Bombay-isms scrawled across the cover super cute and I do agree with her 🙂


@chuck_gopal‘s Santa sent him a lovely aquarium decor.


@Swathirishi got an awesome gift package from her Santa. This included homemade Irish liqueur, magnets and coasters which are totally her. She found it to be the most thoughtful gift. It also had a small note with it.



@SaaliKhushi came home to find these beautiful Candle holders with a small note from her Santee.


@ChamaktiBijlee got a desk calendar and a coffee mug. And this was all she needed. Truly made her Monday perfect.


@Aletheaius loved the personalised Christmas card and a whole lot of awesome stationery sent by Santa which included notebook, notepads and a magnet. And also a small and a cute Christmas tree.



@justlikecrap who has a wonderful twitter header got a Hexbug action figure from his Santa for the spirit of being a Keeda of Christmas as quoted by his Santa. :p


@EkCupCoffee who was left quite frustrated by the emails sent to him by Santa (which was later discovered that the Sender wasn’t his actual Santa, what fun;) ) but also enjoyed them somewhere got a graphic novel by David Lapham ‘Silverfish’. Which he simply loved.



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