Gifts for the season – 5

@Freyan got a gift basket of desserts which she found them lovely and heaven-sent (well, Secret Santa-sent, but close enough) goodies! She also quoted the following for her Santa “Books are fantastic, but macarons are forever!” You got that right, Secret Santa! Merry Christmas!


@maneet got a bottle of wine, Poems & Ghazals which were a recipe for a perfect evening.


@Kirti_Tarang had a hardworking Santa @KirtiKaSanta who firstly set up a account to entertain her. The header chosen by the santa was simply cute. A butterfly on neon pink tote from her Santa made her really happy.


@AneeBunee being a coffee fan got Coffee specially ordered by his Santee from @The_CoffeeCoach store.




@hardik wants to give a big hug to his Santa for the Bond book he sent with a cute note.


@shayne_dsouz in my opinion had the most awesome Santa who took so much of effort and thoughts to put the gift together. He got a set of 6 personalized mugs each with lovely drawings on them. And also these cute Santas.



@MoooPoint wants to treat his Santa with lots of Beer for sending him a lovely baseball bat.mooopoint

@chhavi got so many goodies from her Santa enough to leave her overwhelmed and touched. She not only got her a bottle of wine but also a 007 poster and not 1, but 2 DVDs, incl Octopussy! She thinks her Santa is too awesome.



@Garithepari got an awesome set of makeup products from her Santa.


@avinashdsouza thinks his Santa has been a scary but a good Stalker to gift him something so thoughtful. He left Avinash wondering how did he know he was a writer. Classy isn’t it?


avinashdsouza (2)

avinashdsouza (4)



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