Gifts for the season – 6

@mithaas got a mini cute Santa from the ‘real’ big Santa along with candies. Also a cute note along with it.

@kalmooha got these awesome shot glasses from his Santa. Different and classy, aren’t they?

@YourFriendPinto being a huge Manchester United fan (His blog and Twitter Bio suggest that) simply loved what he got. He was missing out the Scarf and Santa just sent him that. Also along with a pair of socks again of ManU.

@vodkaholic while at work got to know that her gifts had arrived home. She went home to see that a mug, a Christmas message + illustration, a book – Jejuri and some amazing bookmarks waiting for her. She was more shocked than happy to see her gifts. Shocked as in pleasantly shocked.

@awryaditi got the cutest desk organizer from her Santa enough to make her forget about the sweet note along 😉 Everyone at work is going to have their eyes for this and especially the sink shaped clip-holder which Aditi started using as soon as the gift was unwrapped.

@RoycinD could not have been more happy than to get a Textured Hip Flask from his Santa.

@pooja1712 got a whole lot of gadgets & chocolates, perfect for the sweet tooth like her.

@epicvictory aka R.Venkatraman got a book from his Santa as the first instalment of surprises.

@thatdarkcoffee got a coffee maker along with coffee from none other than The Coffee Coach. There was also a wonderfully written note attached 🙂 Karan was longing for Converse shoes but he forgot to tell Santa his shoe size. But surprises are most welcome by him 🙂

@mainbhiGandhi thinks she got the best gift for being a good girl this year. A book of Calvin and Hobbes was more than enough to make her happy along with  sweet note 🙂


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