You are out there. Sleeping. Unaware about how I feel. And why should you know? I don’t want you to even know. I will save you from the misery.

So here I am saying it out to the world. I like manipulating things and this is just a part of it.

It is no use telling anyone anything personal. It’s not worth letting someone come close to you because no one is worth it.

I just wanted the normal part of our relation to continue forever. But you decide to go mute on your own. To tell me the most important decisions of your life in the last minute. I have seen how you have outcast me but it’s just that I have never accepted it.

I appreciate being told anything on my face. It will be difficult to accept but atleast I will know.

You did show your concern, you did support me, you did help me. You did everything. But you are gone just when I need you the most.

With that I wish you all a goodnight. And keep wondering what do I talk about.


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