Gifts for the season – 7

@thefishtale got a Bedroom mood meter along with some jewellery.


@mybutterhalf felt pampered to get her gifts. It included a candle set, books, creams and a little note.


@BluBluBling our Accountant friend was please to receive the latest book of J.K. Rowling – The Casual Vacancy.


@TheScotchGirl thought that her gift was a bang on. Especially because she is a scotch drinker 😀 and also her Santa paid close attention to her handle to choose her gift.


@farudaru who has an amazing Twitter header earned herself an awesome vintage camera and a ‘trippy’ painting from her Santa.


@DelishDirection got a bag from her Santa depicting her love for food and wine.


@TheBankerBaba got his gift in a wonderful bad with a personalized sticker on it. The bag contained a chimp mug, earphones and also a card. Chirag’s dad handed over the package to him who was wearing a red t-shirt just then, Indian Santa handed over him the gift seemingly 😉



@ghaatidancer got a real cute ‘Day in the life of Dracula’ T-shirt from her Santa.  A t-shirt from Captain KYSO is what she had longed for.


@OneChilledBeer received coffee coffee and coffee from his Santa just when he thought he was forgotten.


@Kripajaising got a book – Life of Pi from his Santa. I am sure it is a lovely read. And also ‘The white tiger’ later.




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