Gifts for the season – 8

@naelashaikh got a cute little USB from her santa with a more cuter note.  It’s exactly what she wanted. Something so adorable and also serves the purpose of the storage capacity she require being a photographer.


@grondmaster quoted ‘They say you aren’t worthy of a gift until you sweat a bit for it’. But he feels what his Santa gave him is worth a lot more. He loved your letter, the book & the ideapad. The poop was already useful to him as he had bad throat during those days. He liked the profundity of the passage Santa marked and hoped it soon gives him the same impact as Santa got. He really had an awesome Santa.



@quickdraw_46 was really thankful for the book he got from Santa. It was amazing since he had lost his copy of the book and Santa gave it to him. Ain’t that called being lucky? 🙂


@SunnyMoi loved the amazing book Santa gave him. He added that is time to turn on the “Geek Mode” now 😉 I wonder who isn’t a Haruki Murakami fan? 🙂


@xrivatsan got a popup book and travel bag for Adventurers from his Santa. He felt Santa has done his homework. But who knows if you had put your wish list under your pillow and Santa must have read it? 🙂


@Vellawanti got two books from her Santa along with glimmering lights.


@Improvisations  who has a rather interesting Twitter Bio got a beautiful book, shot glasses, card, payals, belly chain (not shown-Im already catering to foot fetishers everywhere- as mentioned by her)


@supaarwoman got a whole load of gifts from Santa. I havn’t figured out what all are included but the one I know I will write them down. There are a cool pair of ear phones, lip balm, cream, funky necklace an a cute card 🙂 Point it out if I am wrong at guessing.


@paragmurudkar ‘s gifts included a jersey, a photo frame and a box of chocolates. I could only catch hold of the pic of the jersey. Hopefully to get the rest soon.


@Kantaap was one of the few who wrote me a sweet email describing his gifts. Twitter limits us to 140 characters but what could make me more happy than an email which I never forced for but was willingly sent by him 🙂 So coming to his gifts, here is what he had dto say about them:

‘There was some brilliant stalking involved! That’s not a sentence I thought I’d say but it was my favorite biscuits and homemade peanut butter. Homemade stuff always wins me and the peanut butter was SO good! (it’s over now.)

 Food items apart, I got a novel (joesph anton) which I’d been wanting to read for a while now so that was amazing as well.

 I know a lot of people got really fancy things but I got exactly what I’d have gone out and bought for myself if I could have and MORE. :D’
Husain took efforts to write this down. Hence I have put down his words as it is 🙂



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