Gifts for the season – 10

@Freelosopher ‘s gifts officially made me jealous. I mean, why not? You see a Murakami book and just keep quiet haan? 😉 Also his gifts included a mini Xmas tree, adorable snowman, twitter avi keychain, Santa with chocolates. And all this was packed in an amazingly beautiful box.

@TheBlackSakura being a Food Blogger got a beautiful book of recipes  As her Santa truly quoted in the note to her, one cannot have enough recipe books I am sure she loved getting one. Also some products from Body shop were in the package to pamper her. All this came beautifully wrapped placed in an awesome bag.

@a_henna who has an amazing blog where she writes about her views on the books she reads, got an awesome lot of books from her Santa. Her Santa made sure she has a busy 2013. And what better way to start the year? 🙂

@Hardism got some real awesome gifts from his Santa. It included a sweet note loaded with chocolates. Also, he got a uber cute Santa, United Cap, more chocolates, United socks and a football key chain. And Hardik took some great efforts to click the hotos of his gifts and put them up neatly.

@salo_mi whose Name on twitter, Bio and also the Twitter Header suggests she is a Panda, her Santa decided to gift her the cutest Panda soft toy. oh we girls just love soft toys, don’t we, whatever our age 😉

@ClockRoots got some awesome gifts too from his Santa. DVDs they are, aren’t they?

@aneeshb aka Bouncing Bhasin’s package of gifts from his Santa included some awesome gift but I havne’t figured out what they really are but they have been beautifully photographed by Aneesh so have a look for yourself 🙂

@InsomniacGurl got a perfect gift for a coffee lover, coffee maker and coffee from non other than The Coffee Coach. Also with a cute note.

@paidlukkha who has a rather interesting handle got a wall hanging from his Santa which was ripped off from the package and placed as soon as it arrived. Looks like the gift from Santa took over the laziness on a Saturday afternoon.

@vanityd got some interesting gifts from her Santa. One was a compass to be placed on the desk. Also some pretty Alcohol bottles were send in the second shipment to her.



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