Gifts for the season – 9

@mojorojo ‘s gift was from @poojadhingraa ‘s Le15 Patisserie though I haven’t figured what it really is but the packaging is just so beautiful. I could keep it that way forever if it was possible.


@MeghaGhosh who is famous for her confessions of a shopaholic hash tag got some real amazing stationery from her Santa which was put to use as soon as it was unpacked.


@Su4ita got a tin of candies, Santa themed candle, ‘Chumbak’ bookmark, Christmas-y hand sanitiser, tree ornament, lip balm and cards. Well chose gifts I must say.


@Rrrrohini got a sweet book with a sweeter note.


@karishmau gifts from her #MumbaiSecretSanta came wrapped in the prettiest pink paper and also bubble wrap (which is double yayness!), a cute frame, notebook and then there was the loveliest & sweetest note ever. Yotally made her day.


@SausageTangdi got a tile painted by her Santa with a cute note. And maybe a book too. I read that in her tweet but didn’t see any pic of it. The tile though broke a bit while on it’s way but nonetheless Santa set his elves to prepare a replacement gift which reached to her within days. Awwww 🙂



@anaggh got a card along with the gift which asked him to rip it open (and he did just that) & hoped he liked it (Sounds girly yeah? 😉 ). He loved the assortment. He got two lovely DVDs which personally he would have thought before buying them but loved them as a gift. Next he got coasters and the other one was a paper holder.





@ritika_saraf got lovely headphones from her Santa. She had asked for earrings but her Santa being a guy, found it a little difficult to get that. The gift had a cute note with it. Also, Santa made is easy for Ritika to find out who was behind the mask since he favorited and RTed the gift tweet. Smartness 😉


@VelvetRhyme got some really cute gifts from her Santa. I can’t help mentioning the card first. Such a sweet one and so touching. Very thoughtful of her Santa to choose the gifts. As the card also mentions, she got a mobile cover for her most loved posession ‘Samsung Galaxy S2’, a pend stand and a beautiful pair of earrings.



@JestChill got some yummy treats from Santa along with a sweet note. Handwritten notes truly have their own charm. There was also a butterfly drawn on the other side of the note. Sweetness overloaded. Twitter handles really confuse me because I don’t know of some if its a he or she. Thanks to the letter, I figured the gender of this handle 😉



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