Gifts for the season – 13

@nautanki who is a man full of dramas got the most awaited book ‘First day first show’ by him from his Santa. Also he got a journal and a funky USB 2.0 4 Port hub which is foldable and guess what, it folds into a flower. Wonderful gifts, aren’t they? 🙂

@LostIyer got a wonderful book from her Santa.

@RushinaMG got the perfect gift from her Santa. Being a food blogger, she got an awesome book of non other than Nigella Lawson along with a cute Christms card.

@chin80  got a Signature bottle and a cool hip flask from his Santa. Chinmay always wanted to buy a hip flask and he got one. Ain’t that awesome? 🙂 Also the gift had a lovely note and a letter inside. How thoughtful 🙂

@ashwinmushran who is a wonderful ‘Baldy-Wood Actor’ (as he calls himself, got some ‘purty cool’ recyclable speakers from his Santa. One environment friendly Santa he had 😉

@SanjanaSharma got some awesome stationery (notepads) because she loves stationery, a wonderful book (Gone with the wind) because she loves reading and it is one of the favourite books of her Santa and a cute card from her Santa. All this with some really lovely handwritten notes along. I am in complete aww of these gifts especially since it looks like Santa has taken a lot of effort.

@calamur got some ‘interesting’ books from her Santa.

@Catpricious got some really cute, awesome and wonderful gifts from  her Santa. Enough to leave her flattered. Her wonderfully wrapped gift included a customized notepad and a greeting card by Yellow Buffalo, beautiful earrings, an owl necklace, a mini Santa and some Christmas goodies.

@Purrs_n_Paws got chocolate filled stockings and a lovely environment friendly bag from her Santa.

@sobhitaD got an amazing bag, mini Santa, shot glasses, greeting card and a handmade note from her Santa.


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