Gifts for the season – 14

@iamanbajaj got a money clip from his Santa.

@Pomegranatee got amazing CDs from her Santa.

@tanejamainhoon ‘s ‘bouquet’ of gifts included a handmade card which said a dialogue from one of his favorite films. A rather cute one. His Santa had kept him entertained by sending him messages through elves before the gifts could reach him. Also there were CDs of Nikhil’s favorite movies and loads of chocolates.

@BlackEyedJedi got a customized journal and a stylish parker pen from his Santa.

@Divisha_DD ‘s Santa gifted her a cupcake maker set along with a recipe book. Also Santa sent her an amazing greeting card.

@bakingtray unwrapped her gifts just after the Christmas mass and had tears of joy when she saw her gifts. 

@foodie_bevdi dedicated her 3000th tweet to her Santa for the awesome gifts she got. Her gifts included a hip flask,cocktail mixer, wine cover, highlighters, a cool pencil and an even cuter note.

@Miss_Mused got Strawberry ,Raspberry , cranberry tea , cookies , tea cups and a hand written note from her Santa.

@bitchwanti got an awesome lot of gifts from her Santa which included stationery, handmade album, a clutch and a book.

@Prachi_licious got a big canvas, lots of brushes, acrylic colors, necklace, earrings and a beautiful card from her Santa.


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