A bend in the road – Nicholas Sparks


I had bought this book a while ago but somehow never felt like picking it up. There are books I pick up because I know I have to read them because after all I bought them and they are meant to be read. But I am glad that I didn’t pick up this book for the same reason. I needed a lighter read and I realised just in time that this book is pending.

When i began I reading it, I felt it was a wrong choice. Nicholas Sparks books were high school reads. I felt I had grown out of them. But now that I have read it, I would say it was a good choice. The book I needed for now.

Very simple and beautifully written. Choice of words which didn’t make me roam around with my big fat dictionary.

A simple story which sounds too good to be true. Tells us there is no age to fall in love. That age is no barrier to get a partner. It is that understanding that is required between the couple which helps them stay together. There are ups and downs but it is how you deal with them.

Whatever part of the world a woman stays, there are some situations where she is treated the same way by any men. It is so cruel. Men should understand that it is even more difficult for the lady to accept it.

Those son and dad talks and the way they connect and reassure each other at all times.

A good and worthy read is what I would say about this book 🙂


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