And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini

I had ordered 10 books while on my trip to India already and this book was also highly recommended but I kept it for next time.

Flipkart soon had a Sale and this book was at an unbelievable price and I couldn’t help buying it. Dad was in India then and so I didn’t have to wait too long to get this book in my hand.

I had other books to be read but I started reading this one as soon as I got it.

This book is categorized under Fiction but since it belongs to the same Genre as the book ‘Mayada‘ I find it true somehow. The way it portrays the life during the earlier years when getting a proper meal was a luxury is so captivating that it makes it impossible for one to put down the book. 

I started reading this from my physical book but then Kindle seemed more feasible so I switched on to it and since I had to travel while I was midway on this book, the decision seemed good enough.

I hardly made notes while reading this book but the lines I quoted are as below:

”…as many as a hand has fingers”

”A finger had to be cut, to save a hand.”


(Don’t have the book in hand now, will upload a pic once I get it)


Rating : 4/5



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