The Fault in Our Stars ~ John Green

Left in a hurry for the Airport and forgot to carry a novel. Long flight ahead and I felt miserable, like the world is going to end, yes that sort of feeling.

After the check in was done, Mom asked me how come I hadn’t carried any book, I said I forgot. She handed me her Credit Card and asked me to go ahead and get myself a book. Oh! How well she understands me. She is the one who even shouts at me when she sees me reading at any odd hour but then mothers are mothers.

With so much of variety at the Dubai Airport, I was confused which one to pick up. I had seen reviews on Goodreads about this one so I finally got myself this book.

This book talks about cancer patients who don’t know what will happen to them the next minute and believe in living in the present, in making the most of the time they have.

Augustus and Hazel fall in love and accept each other however they are. I lost someone so close to me and I was reading this book. I could relate to it so much. News of death of someone so dear to you is not something you ever want to hear but then that is life.

I made sure the book went along with me where I went. I started the book on June 23, 2013 when I flew out and finished it on July 14, 2013. I read eBooks in between hence took time to finish it.

Few lines I quoted from the book:

“Indiana, he said.They steal the land from the Indians and leave the name, yes?”

“Writing does not resurrect. It buries.”

“Without pain, we couldn’t know joy.”

“It’s July fourteenth” ~ I read this on 14th July. What a coincidence.

Reting : 5/5




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