It is all a child’s play

Remember how as a kid we used to go to parks and demand for the balloon and let it go high up in the air, just minutes after we get it? Our parents had warned us all along that it will be of no use to us but we are adamant enough to get it. 

Wooing a girl for months, showering love, caring for her and what not does the guy do to get her attention. and leaves it all for some unknown reason. It is the ego or the acceptance that it can’t happen or maybe he feels he has tried too much, no clue. 

Sounds similar?

You had this one favorite toy you played with always. Never liked anyone touching it. It was too precious to you. One day you are so angry that you break it. And then you cry. There is nothing you can do about it. 

Love at first sight is a myth. She becomes you favorite. You don’t like her being eyed by anyone else. And then you just leave her. No explanations

Something to think about, isn’t it?

It is just that we never seem to grow up. We seem to be repeating the same situation just with different props at different stages of life. 

If everything happens for a reason, why not give the reason rather than taking the back door. 


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