Everyone is around, yet no one.


Sometimes you want to be heard. Not that you are not being heard, but you want to be understood. Not that you are not being understood, you want them to say what you want to hear. And well.


Such days pull me back to this blog or my diary (which is long forgotten now).


I want to scream out but don’t know what. So muddled up in thoughts that I am not even sure what is going up there. It all comes at once. Like the mind has some magnetic power that it brings all situations at once.


I won’t call it being moody as many would say. But sometimes some things are meant to be understood. The tiniest of the hint gives it. Then what stops one from understanding the signal is beyond me. 


One is a fool to expect, because expectations are meant to hurt. That is true, yet ignored. How many ever times we repeat it to ourselves, we continue to build on our expectations.


Writing because I felt like it. 


Until next time.


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