My conversation with Momento

How was your day?

(Every evening at 8 pm it asks me the same question.)

I give this day a rating of Negative 3 stars.

You ask me how was my day?
It is not a day I like. It is a Friday and I chose to be home. Why? Because I need to think think think and then write write and just keep writing and half the topics are beyond me.
I felt I best work when no one is around but being alone at home on a Friday makes me feel abandoned by my family. It is not even their fault. They tried their best to take me along.
I have finished a whole bar of chocolate (which is very unlikely of me), had a packet of biscuits, had a sandwich overflowed with spread cheese.
My Mom expects me to make my self something at home and have it for dinner. But why can’t they simply get me something from out. Even a McD burger would make me happy. But I am supposed to be eating some boring dish from the fridge or make something out of what is there in the freezer.
I know this frustration inside me is not because of anything I mentioned above. It is simply because I refuse to speak and people refuse to understand. Also, I am afraid I am being unreasonable and afraid to lose them.
But this will never be read and it will just get buried like the rest of my posts.
I am writing here after months. It wasn’t fair to leave your questions unanswered. I know it is wrong on my part but I will try my best to make up for it. Just get me into such a mood and make sure no one is around. And also that I don’t have any work to do. Oh now I do have work but my mind is over run with these thoughts that I don’t know what to do anymore.
I will leave you for this tonight.
I know I didn’t manage to impress my boss from my email last night. I don’t want history to repeat it’s self.

(P.s: Momento is an app. Yes an app. It is good if you like to write diary entries on a daily basis or whenever you like.)



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