Is it possible to fall in love with someone through their photo feed?

Instagram is the latest cool app one has. It is not new but lately it is gaining a lot of fame. Or maybe it is just that the people I know have started using it.

There is this account @robinmay on Instagram that I started following last year I guess. I don’t remember how really I followed her but I enjoy reading her posts and she actually inspired me somehow. For instance, I started writing stories under every photo I uploaded on Instagram.

Initially I read every post of hers. I was and still am hooked to them. And now after seeing her latest photo on Instagram, I am amazed by her story. Love stories through Facebook and Twitter were heard but Instagram. That’s new.

I won’t be doing justice by narrating the story so would rather post the link I found giving a gist about her love story. Only after reading it I discovered that her husband too is on Instagram (and I am yet to stalk him).

This is what got me started to search for her story.

(It is a screenshot, don’t kill me over copyright issues)

And the description below. Seems like a story itself.

(Same to same)
Also, see the number of likes already!

Now I couldn’t find this article online but found another article which would give you an idea.

I don’t read each and every post of hers now but at times it feels good to go back to her profile and read her stories.

I think I had even asked her once what makes her so famous to attract so many people to her account. After all, she is not Amitabh Bachchan. Obviously, I didn’t get a reply nor did I word my question that way.


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