Girl from college


In Dubai, you are said to find people from all walks of life. From places unheard of. To castes unknown. I don’t know if it is because school times keep you revolving around heaps of books or that the fact stated is actually not true.

But I saw this come true in Mumbai when I went there for college. Some people so loving that it seemed I knew them since ages. And yes of course some who you know that you should keep away from.

There are many people I could talk about when we talk about Mumbai but then there is this one girl I met in college I will write about. I started this post keeping her in mind.

By first year in college, I got to know the streets, cinemas, shops, hawkers, restaurants and chaat corners around my college. By second year I felt I needed to be more involved in my college. Just attending lectures (that too in the college campus next to our college) and writing exams wasn’t enough. I surprised myself one day by walking into the room of our college festival organizers and becoming a part of their team.

There was this girl called Anam. Full of life. So much energy that one would get complex. Always with a smile on her face. She worked with so much dedication that one couldn’t stop admiring her. Oh and so pretty!

I never spoke to her much. Maybe exchanged greetings once in a while. We did connect on Facebook. Not that we spoke to each other there too but it is good to get automatic updates without any efforts at times. But then they can be misleading too.

Around this time last year, I saw photos on my TL where she was tagged. Without stalking her much, I went ahead and wrote a long message and In-boxed her only to know that she was attending a wedding and wasn’t married yet.

Today when I logged on to Facebook, I saw a video which she had uploaded. Then I went to her profile. Scrolled down and saw a ‘Life Event’ saying that she is married. And then I rightfully wished her.

What I really liked about the video is how even on her wedding she was being herself. Brides usually get all calm and quiet and are sitting in the corner. But then it is their day. One has and should enjoy. Such preparations are not only for the guests to see but also for the bride and groom to enjoy.

They both make a lovely couple. May God Bless them 🙂

P.S: The wedding video I saw is one of a kind. And the song playing in the background was ‘London Thumakda’ from Queen. I had this song but had never heard it. But now you know what I am going to listen to on loop for a while now.


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