(Movie) Love Actually ~ Richard Curtis


Movie : Love Actually
Genre : Comedy|Drama|Romance
Year : 2003
Director : Richard Curtis

Not a rather timely review but this is just my view and hence.

I don’t remember the last time I managed to complete a movie in one stretch. Would make you wonder if the movie was that good. Well to be honest, I was looking for something more but with the lovely ending, I convinced myself that it was good as it was.

Love is not all about the intimacy. It can be between anyone, friends, boyfriends, spouses. Anyone. It just happens.

This has to be the best scene in the movie.


And the best couple would undoubtedly be them 😀

(I literally squealed- thankfully not too loud- when this secret was revealed, rather beautifully)

And to the lovely ending.


Photos courtesy IMDb.
Screenshots very much my own.


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