Getting some time for yourself makes one think and think and overthink.
Today this made me think.


Lately with the talks of marriage doing rounds, I am ofter asked the question that where do I want the guy to be from.

Honestly, that question annoys me. That person maybe staying in London at the moment and may have to shift to New Zealand the next month, then what?

The question probably makes sense to the extent of how one wants the guy to be. How he thinks. What are his thoughts and beliefs. Even people who I see around here in Dubai may have such old fashion thoughts and lifestyle that one may be surprised.

But yes with males in your life (now that can include your Dad and Uncles as well) you tend to have a rough outline in your head.

I don’t know how one describes how one wants their partner to be. Understanding would be one. But isn’t that kind of obvious. Who wouldn’t want their partner to be understanding.

The adventurous types which may just be a 6am drive to watch the sunrise. Overnight plan to make a trip to an unheard place or just to crash in bed all day and watch movies or tv shows. These may sound big but in defense I would say someone who really sees himself doing something in life and not always so busy working that he forgets to live his life. The little nothings are just what matters at times.

Not everyone gets all what they want. We get what we deserve. What we are meant to. Accepting life as it comes would be the best way to live life to the fullest.


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