From the Archives : {Movie} The Spectacular Now (2013)

Movie : The Spectacular Now

Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy

Duration : 95 mins

Director : James Ponsoldt

Stars: Miles Teller (Sutter), Shailene Woodley (Aimee), Brie Larson (Cassidy)

Source : Google
Source : Google

Having watched Shailene Woodley (Hazel) in The Fault in Our Stars, she caught my attention when I was randomly watching trailers of movies to pick something for the weekend. 

The movie starts with Sutter trying to finish an essay and then takes us to the flashback to describe his state of mind.

Being dumped and drunk thereafter, Sutter lands up in a stranger’s lawn only to be woken up by Aimee who is on her paper route, helping out her mom. They have this instant connection. Aimee even agrees to let Sutter help her and during which he can also find his car.

Sutter falls for Aimee, surprising the people around. From parties to prom, Sutter takes AImee everywhere and even gifts her own flask. With Aimee urging Sutter to find out more about his Dad, disappointed and frustrated after the meeting, they fight in the car leading to Aimee stepping out only to be hit by a speeding car. That scene really blows of one’s mind. 

While Sutter lives in the present, Aimee dreams about her future and has also thought about her college. 

The movie then returns back to Sutter completing the question in his essay for his college applications. The answer is what makes the movie more worth watching. 

With it’s fair mix of drama and romance, the movie is worth a watch. 

Rating : 4/5



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