Soldier and Spice ~ Aditi Mathur Kumar

As the by line says, this book talks about an army wife’s life.

We all watch the parade on the Republic Day on Tv or live if we are lucky, but who sits back and thinks about how their life would be. Same and yet different is what I would say.

Aditi being an Army wife herself has been able to write this book from what she may have seen around.

The new people you get to meet, the formal gatherings, the etiquette to be followed, parting away from the spouse, shifting to a new place before you get used to the current one is all explained in this book.

The tendency to gossip among ladies can fall back upon us someday so one should really be careful.

The wives always live with the hope that their husbands come back home safely. They are congratulated on their husband’s achievement along with the husband and are looked upon with quite a lot of expectations.

Quite an insightful read.

I thank Aditi for sending me a copy of her book 🙂


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