Mission : Happy New Year

The following is my opinion and you have no right to disown it.

The movie starts with beautiful fireworks display on ‘our’ Palm where it zooms into The Atlantis where the World Dance Championship is being held.

With Team India ‘missing’, the plot shifts to a boxing ring where unreasonable amount of water is wasted for the Charlie’s entry scene.
SRK is as it is growing old and I absolutely didn’t like his look in this movie except in very ‘few’ parts.

‘Kismat badi kutti cheez hai, kabhi bhi palat jaati hai’ – This dialogue is endlessly repeated throughout the movie. Didn’t we have enough of it in the trailer which was watched n number of times as it is?

A news piece flashed while Charlie is having his morning tea gets him to gather his long forgotten loved ones and other useful resources to plan a revenge against Mr Grover who had set up Charlie’s dad and sent him to jail. And thus the rest of the characters are introduced. I must say, as much as I detested watching Lovely, seeing it with the movie and on the big screen, the song didn’t look half bad. The song is all about Mohini coming in different outfits each time the chorus is sung though.

I must say, except for the kid kicking my seat from behind, I enjoyed the first half of the movie. It was rather hilarious in parts.

The second half is more of showcasing Dubai. A tour of Dubai in as low as ₹100 is what came into mind. Made me wonder, did Atlantis need so much of advertising or the movie had not much to show? Oh! And there is good amount of Dubai Mall too shown. I remember reading requirements of people for the ice rink.

Did you notice, if you have watched the movie already, that the crowd during the semi finals and finals is actually the same. Meri aankhain mujhe dokha toh nahi deti, so I guess I saw it right.

The skills of each character put into use to get the priceless diamonds is shown well.

Overall, the movie wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Even the reviews weren’t supportive till what I had read.

Rating : 2.5/5



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