Movie ~ This is Where I Leave You (2014)

A photo on my Instagram feed led me to download this movie. no second thoughts. No procrastination. It takes in a lot of effort for me to sit and watch a movie at home. It is just me.

It is the title which did wonders. Usually one shouldn’t judge a movie by it’s title but it felt like my thoughts were spoken aloud in this title.

But I sat through this one. That was how I spent my afternoon on the 1st day of 2015. And I must say it was a good decision.

The movie revolves around 4 siblings who get united after years on the news of their father’s death to fulfill his last wish of sitting Shiva after their Mom makes it clear that there is no escape from it.

They get on each other’s nerves, find excuses to leave their seat, talk about their life and reconnect with their friends/lovers from childhood days. Each character has played their part so well. The movie is a mix of love, life and humor.

Revisiting their father’s memories of how pressing his forehead to theirs was his way of kissing to the way how the siblings make each other realise small silly things about life is something I really liked. The cute baby Cole is the star of the movie.

Only after having watched the movie, I realised that this movie is based on a book by Jonathan Tropper.

This movie is excellent. Must watch.

This Is Where I Leave You


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