(Still wondering

We all have that phase in life where in we make these impulsive decisions.

I never did understand what ‘listen to your heart and not your mind’ meant until a few months ago. You just do it because it feels right while your head hurts figuring out reasons.

You can lie to everyone but yourself. The least one would expect is an acknowledgment if not a few words of appreciation. Criticism comes uninvited anyways. And it hurts deep down when not even an acknowledgment comes by. And you are clearly lying to yourself if you say that you don’t expect anything.

Being walked on, walked by is something which again many of us or rather all of us witness in some way or the other, in some situation or the other.

But then, sit back and think for yourself. What is that you really want to do? What of this is really worth it?

You need to learn to listen to yourself. To believe in yourself. To get these answers and act upon them.

There are things we do knowing we are wrong, but we do them anyways giving ourselves reasons to think otherwise. But we need to learn to be true to ourselves.

It was all meant to happen. Move on with that belief. Crying and regretting over it won’t help. Learning from them will.


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