Saturday views

Saturdays are meant to be relaxing after a super busy (lazy) Friday.

Office is quiet and empty and there is no rush. This is in case it is my working Saturday. Otherwise, it is nothing special except for last Saturday.

It started with some social service with an awesome view of Dubai.


Followed by gobbling down yummy pizza and warm dough balls with Nutella dip.



Photo credits : My lovely friend


It didn’t just end there. The selfies without selfie stick happened. Trust me, it was fun 🙂


Photo credit : My lovely friend again used her magic wand 🙂

I couldn’t ask for more than a seat in the metro while on my way back.

Reached home only to be informed I had to attend a gathering with Mom. The day got even better with the view, delicious food and lovely people I met there.


Coming to today, my working Saturday. The sky outside was so pretty that it kept distracting me.

Mornings like these.



Only for it to get better.



And just before I left office. The cool breeze makes it even better.



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