And it all came back 

Unrelated and yet related to the photo. 

Not that I can stop thinking. Not that I haven’t been wondering. Not that I would forget. 

And then this photo came by. 

My heart beat stopped for a micro mini second. It couldn’t have been any longer than that, possibly way lesser, yes. 

Photo courtesy @candidclick on Instagram 

Even today I open the laptop and see ‘the’ photo sitting on the background.  I may not have expressed but only I know what it means to me. 

A photo so similar and yet not the same. Made me wonder, did the city look the same at every turn?   

Scrambling through emails I tried searching for the location where the original photo belonged. My memory fails me and so does my Inbox now. It got to be somewhere though. 

I cannot hear a word against nor for. Though yes, I want to know without the sources being involved. 

Too many questions unanswered. I cannot shut off even if I want to. 

That innocence, that purity, that belief is something I can never forget and something no one can compete with. I cannot be less sure about that. 

I live with the hope to be forgiven and have a word before heading out to face the world. Nothing else would calm the storm inside me. 


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