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And it all came back 

Unrelated and yet related to the photo. 

Not that I can stop thinking. Not that I haven’t been wondering. Not that I would forget. 

And then this photo came by. 

My heart beat stopped for a micro mini second. It couldn’t have been any longer than that, possibly way lesser, yes. 

Photo courtesy @candidclick on Instagram 

Even today I open the laptop and see ‘the’ photo sitting on the background.  I may not have expressed but only I know what it means to me. 

A photo so similar and yet not the same. Made me wonder, did the city look the same at every turn?   

Scrambling through emails I tried searching for the location where the original photo belonged. My memory fails me and so does my Inbox now. It got to be somewhere though. 

I cannot hear a word against nor for. Though yes, I want to know without the sources being involved. 

Too many questions unanswered. I cannot shut off even if I want to. 

That innocence, that purity, that belief is something I can never forget and something no one can compete with. I cannot be less sure about that. 

I live with the hope to be forgiven and have a word before heading out to face the world. Nothing else would calm the storm inside me. 


It can’t get any simpler #ThinkCareem

With a speedy internet at everyone’s disposal in this region and apps for every move you want to make, life has become a smooth journey.

And Careem makes it even better.

The thought of heading to Sharjah drains out all the energy from one but what more could you ask for when Careem assures you a smooth and luxurious journey.

Prompt lunch plans with a friend in Sharjah cropped up and the heat outside was just dreadful. That’s when I chose to book a car for myself through Careem.

The Careem app is very user friendly and in minutes one can do the booking simply by entering the Pickup point. Entering the destination at the time of booking is optional. One gets to choose from Economy cars, Business cars, SUVs, First Class cars and Careem kids (new).

Once done with the booking, I got an SMS too informing me that I got an automatic upgrade to Business car from the Economy car I chose (Isn’t that simply wonderful!)

FullSizeRender (5)

One can track the driver’s location through the app. I hardly got to wait for 10 minutes before the car landed at my doorstep.


And they do send you an SMS too upon your driver’s arrival.

FullSizeRender (6)

A white luxurious Lexus driven by a very courteous driver who confirmed my name as I sat and offered me water safely stored for his customers.


While we passed through my favorite roads of Dubai


I think I may have started liking Sharjah


Not today

There will come a day when I will think that I don’t know much about you. 

That day I know it won’t be difficult to forget you because I would think to myself that what did I really know about you in the first place?

There will come a day when I won’t have many memories of us.

Because how long will the past stay with me in my head who has a goldfish memory?

Just know, that day is not today.

To each their own

I can say whatever about my brothers but no one else can say a word against them.

My rule of life.

Same even applies to my friends or even enemies for that matter.

Don’t judge a person until you quite well know them. And trust me, you don’t wholly know a person until you closely spend time with them. Time changes people. One grows up. Surroundings change. It is all for the better. Occasional meetings don’t give you a ticket to write a book about the other person.

I have a twin brother. We have been staying in different countries for more than two years now. But we meet when I get to take my holidays.

All we do is fight when we meet. Yes he can be sweet enough to take me for coffee or dinner too at times when he can manage.

My elder brother on the other hand has been traveling continents to see what he really wants to do. He wouldn’t pamper me but I know he cares a lot for me. Just that every person has a different way of expressing themselves. Not everyone understands it. That is how he is.

I do get annoyed. I do crave to get attention. Just things a sister wishes for. But sometimes we need to understand.

While my twin asked me for his rakhi, my elder brother waited to be wished.

Mom mentioned about a younger cousin last night. She refused to give rakhi for my elder brother because she feels he doesn’t care about her and doesn’t talk to her. My aunt has the same views. And this one being one of my favorite aunts. I know she will complain about this to me when I talk to her next. I will listen. Maybe tell her, he is just like that. Keep the phone. And move on with life.

My elder brother is usually the favorite of all. Just that he is not too expressive.

What can you do when two of your favorites put you in such a dilemma?

I have lately learnt to keep myself out of this drama. It requires a lot of courage.

Also, when it comes to children, the upbringing really matters. Children look up to their parents and learn. They see them and tend to copy them. They are just so innocent and tender. Not filling in wrong things in the children’s head would really help.


Getting some time for yourself makes one think and think and overthink.
Today this made me think.


Lately with the talks of marriage doing rounds, I am ofter asked the question that where do I want the guy to be from.

Honestly, that question annoys me. That person maybe staying in London at the moment and may have to shift to New Zealand the next month, then what?

The question probably makes sense to the extent of how one wants the guy to be. How he thinks. What are his thoughts and beliefs. Even people who I see around here in Dubai may have such old fashion thoughts and lifestyle that one may be surprised.

But yes with males in your life (now that can include your Dad and Uncles as well) you tend to have a rough outline in your head.

I don’t know how one describes how one wants their partner to be. Understanding would be one. But isn’t that kind of obvious. Who wouldn’t want their partner to be understanding.

The adventurous types which may just be a 6am drive to watch the sunrise. Overnight plan to make a trip to an unheard place or just to crash in bed all day and watch movies or tv shows. These may sound big but in defense I would say someone who really sees himself doing something in life and not always so busy working that he forgets to live his life. The little nothings are just what matters at times.

Not everyone gets all what they want. We get what we deserve. What we are meant to. Accepting life as it comes would be the best way to live life to the fullest.