Not today

There will come a day when I will think that I don’t know much about you.ย 

That day I know it won’t be difficult to forget you because I would think to myself that what did I really know about you in the first place?

There will come a day when I won’t have many memories of us.

Because how long will the past stay with me in my head who has a goldfish memory?

Just know, that day is not today.


Saturday views

Saturdays are meant to be relaxing after a super busy (lazy) Friday.

Office is quiet and empty and there is no rush. This is in case it is my working Saturday. Otherwise, it is nothing special except for last Saturday.

It started with some social service with an awesome view of Dubai.


Followed by gobbling down yummy pizza and warm dough balls with Nutella dip.



Photo credits : My lovely friend


It didn’t just end there. The selfies without selfie stick happened. Trust me, it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚


Photo credit : My lovely friend again used her magic wand ๐Ÿ™‚

I couldn’t ask for more than a seat in the metro while on my way back.

Reached home only to be informed I had to attend a gathering with Mom. The day got even better with the view, delicious food and lovely people I met there.


Coming to today, my working Saturday. The sky outside was so pretty that it kept distracting me.

Mornings like these.



Only for it to get better.



And just before I left office. The cool breeze makes it even better.


(Still wondering

We all have that phase in life where in we make these impulsive decisions.

I never did understand what ‘listen to your heart and not your mind’ meant until a few months ago. You just do it because it feels right while your head hurts figuring out reasons.

You can lie to everyone but yourself. The least one would expect is an acknowledgment if not a few words of appreciation. Criticism comes uninvited anyways. And it hurts deep down when not even an acknowledgment comes by. And you are clearly lying to yourself if you say that you don’t expect anything.

Being walked on, walked by is something which again many of us or rather all of us witness in some way or the other, in some situation or the other.

But then, sit back and think for yourself. What is that you really want to do? What of this is really worth it?

You need to learn to listen to yourself. To believe in yourself. To get these answers and act upon them.

There are things we do knowing we are wrong, but we do them anyways giving ourselves reasons to think otherwise. But we need to learn to be true to ourselves.

It was all meant to happen. Move on with that belief. Crying and regretting over it won’t help. Learning from them will.

Movie ~ The Vow (2012)


Love is magical. It has it’s moments.

This is what this movie taught me.

And No, I wasn’t able to finish watching this movie in one day. The movie is beautiful but it is just that I can’t sit at home for so long in one place and watch a movie. But then watching it in parts is equally fun ๐Ÿ™‚

This movie is based on True Life events.

It starts with showing Paige and Leo madly in love with each other when they meet with a car accident. It then goesย on to show a flashback of how they met, fell in love, exchanged vows and got married. Paige doesn’t manage to remember the last five years of her life, where in she had decided to look at things differently. The movie goes on to show how Leo does everything to win Paige back and get her love in the rightful ways.

Some lines I would like to quote from the movie

‘The thing is, each one of us is the sum total of every moment that we’ve ever experienced, with all the people we’ve ever known. And it’s these moments that become our history.’

‘To speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they’re not.’ {This is part of the Vow they exchange which is just so beautiful)

‘A moment of total physical, mental, and every other kind of love.’

A few of my favorite scenes from the movie

Screenshot 2015-01-03 00.08.07 (2) Screenshot 2015-01-03 00.19.19 (2)

Movie ~ This is Where I Leave You (2014)

A photo on my Instagram feed led me to download this movie. no second thoughts. No procrastination. It takes in a lot of effort for me to sit and watch a movie at home. It is just me.

It is the title which did wonders. Usually one shouldn’t judge a movie by it’s title but it felt like my thoughts were spoken aloud in this title.

But I sat through this one. That was how I spent my afternoon on the 1st day of 2015. And I must say it was a good decision.

The movie revolves around 4 siblings who get united after years on the news of their father’s death to fulfill his last wish of sitting Shiva after their Mom makes it clear that there is no escape from it.

They get on each other’s nerves, find excuses to leave their seat, talk about their life and reconnect with their friends/lovers from childhood days. Each character has played their part so well. The movie is a mix of love, life and humor.

Revisiting their father’s memories of how pressing his forehead to theirs was his way of kissing to the way how the siblings make each other realise small silly things about life is something I really liked. The cute baby Cole is the star of the movie.

Only after having watched the movie, I realised that this movie is based on a book by Jonathan Tropper.

This movie is excellent. Must watch.

This Is Where I Leave You

I have seen it all

And here is hoping we get to see more.

I write this while on our way home.

Heading to Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) at around 11:00 pm wasn’t as bad. Sheikh Zayed road was more like a garden. Cars parked as per their convenience and people crossing the road, around the diversion area especially. But after that it was a smooth drive.

We were at a height so we could see fireworks which we believe were being bursted at Global Village and on the other side there were fireworks of Burj Al Arab. What beauty!

One hour on and around Al Khail road and we are contemplating which exit would take us home at the earliest.

While we find our way home, here is wishing you all a year as colorful and bright as the fireworks being lit in this city of Dubai.