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It can’t get any simpler #ThinkCareem

With a speedy internet at everyone’s disposal in this region and apps for every move you want to make, life has become a smooth journey.

And Careem makes it even better.

The thought of heading to Sharjah drains out all the energy from one but what more could you ask for when Careem assures you a smooth and luxurious journey.

Prompt lunch plans with a friend in Sharjah cropped up and the heat outside was just dreadful. That’s when I chose to book a car for myself through Careem.

The Careem app is very user friendly and in minutes one can do the booking simply by entering the Pickup point. Entering the destination at the time of booking is optional. One gets to choose from Economy cars, Business cars, SUVs, First Class cars and Careem kids (new).

Once done with the booking, I got an SMS too informing me that I got an automatic upgrade to Business car from the Economy car I chose (Isn’t that simply wonderful!)

FullSizeRender (5)

One can track the driver’s location through the app. I hardly got to wait for 10 minutes before the car landed at my doorstep.


And they do send you an SMS too upon your driver’s arrival.

FullSizeRender (6)

A white luxurious Lexus driven by a very courteous driver who confirmed my name as I sat and offered me water safely stored for his customers.


While we passed through my favorite roads of Dubai


I think I may have started liking Sharjah