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This Song Will Save Your Life ~ Leila Sales

I judged this book by its cover and I should say I enjoyed reading it.

This is a story of a girl named Elsie who thinks she is born to be unpopular since she has tried everything to be otherwise but concludes to say that it is not so easy to change yourself.

She spends her entire summer trying to change herself, to be like others, to please others, only to go unnoticed on her first day back to school.

Her failed attempt to seek attention only got her grounded and her parents to get worried even more. Unable to sleep, she secretly started wandering out at nights. Her idea was to get tired so she could fall asleep once she was back home.

Elsie found an underground nightclub where she found happiness. She met people who gave her the attention and importance she wanted. Her talents were recognized and she was even offered a night to herself to become a DJ.

The journey of Elsie from being a no one to her name appearing in the newspaper is very engaging.

I had imagined this book to be filled with songs in every other page or something on those lines but it turned out to be much better. There are mentions of some songs, all of which are unheard by me but I would definitely give them a listen soon.

It is just a matter of time till you recognize what you are capable of.



Walking down the lane

Nandita posted a pic of our ‘new’ School building the other day. Bought back memories, beautiful ones.


It also reminded me I hvan’t met my school friends or for that matter spoken to them since a long time now.


School was so blissful. We were so innocent. It was all so good.


I don’t have  wonderful memory but I happened to remember these two classmates who are somewhere lost now. I wasn’t in school during Stone Age but when we were in primary school we weren’t  trained to be on IPad’s and all of that. We were so occupied in our books. Facebook and Twitter were not even our distant relatives then. And now I don’t know where they are.


Sana – I hope I have got her name right. I am 90% positive. She was this tall, thin, fair girl. Very sweet. Whenever I remember her I get this image in my head where her dad would be carrying her  school bag up the stairs to our class. Yes, we used to carry these bulky school bags and that girl would no way have managed it 😉


Nafeesa- She was a very close friend in school. I have her image in mind but nothing i can show. Maybe those class photos yeah but then we all look so different now. What I rememebr of her was we both were sitting and gosiping at one of Natasha’s birthday party at Popoye’s (if I am not wrong) in Satwa.


I don’t even rememeber their last names to find them on Facebook. Sigh!


There maybe many more to this list, but not that I remember any now.


And on that note, our batch should meet up 🙂