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Connect the dots

Traffic is not a recent hurdle but something I have been stuck in quite often, recently. Have I been traveling more? I think. 

It was no surprise when I saw standstill traffic when I looked out of my window on a early bright sunny evening, except it was on the opposite side of the road. What was I missing? 

Twitter refused to upload the photo I clicked and my query to the media was unable to get through. 

Google maps was surely stunned by this situation, the traffic pile up it showed, was unimaginable. 

Just when I concluded it was a mere security stunt, I see Dubai Media Office’s photos on Twitter of Sheikh Mohammad on an inspection tour of the streets of Dubai with the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Welcome to Dubai! (This was just a part of the trailer.) 


I have seen it all

And here is hoping we get to see more.

I write this while on our way home.

Heading to Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) at around 11:00 pm wasn’t as bad. Sheikh Zayed road was more like a garden. Cars parked as per their convenience and people crossing the road, around the diversion area especially. But after that it was a smooth drive.

We were at a height so we could see fireworks which we believe were being bursted at Global Village and on the other side there were fireworks of Burj Al Arab. What beauty!

One hour on and around Al Khail road and we are contemplating which exit would take us home at the earliest.

While we find our way home, here is wishing you all a year as colorful and bright as the fireworks being lit in this city of Dubai.